Registration includes admission to all DIMVA 2019 sessions and selected meals throughout the official event June 19– June 20. You will be charged in SEK as stated below (VAT not included). For ease of reference we have also included a rough estimate in euros in parenthesis.

Registration typeEarly registrationLate registration
(June 1, 2019 and later)
Regular4500 SEK
(425 €)
6000 SEK
(575 €)
Member*3700 SEK
(350 €)
5300 SEK
(500 €)
  • You are eligible for a reduced member fee if you are a member of GI (Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V.), IEEE Computer Society, or ACM.
  • Please note that delegates representing a company or organisation from a country outside of Sweden are not required to pay Swedish VAT on the registration fee (but must do so on all extra dinner tickets). Extra dinner tickets, inclusive VAT are about 90 euros (937,50 SEK).
    • If you are from an EU country – a valid VAT number is mandatory, otherwise VAT will be added to your registration fee. Please have this at hand before starting the registration.
    • If you are from a country outside of EU – you can register without a VAT number.
    • Delegates from Sweden and private persons are required to pay VAT on the registration fee (25%). This will be added to the final amount in the payment system.

Starting the registration process

The payment is handled by Sweden Meetx AB. The registration link will open a new window to that will process the payments (only Mastercard, Visa or American Express accepted).

  • Find your company VAT (if non-Swedish company within EU) before starting the registration process.
  • Follow the appropriate link below (regular or member) to register to the conference.
  • If you need accommodation, look at the map with DIMVA 2019 locations and then go to the list of hotels.
    • Consider if you want to combine your trip to Gothenburg with a trip to Stockholm. Fast trains connect the cities (see transport).
    • Consider if you want to stay over Friday June 21. This is midsummer in Sweden and a big public holiday. Suggestions of activities will be made for those who marked interest in the registration. These activities are not part of DIMVA or covered by the registration fee.