Midsummer’s Eve

One of the major traditions in Sweden is Midsummer. It is as widely celebrated as Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Midsummer always take place on a Friday, and this year it takes place June 21, 2019. We recommend you to stay one extra night in Sweden to experience Midsummer, as it is a quite unique tradition. Usually it is celebrated closer to nature and not in cities, but there will be many alternatives based on your interest.

You can read more about midsummer here and also see a short movie. As Routes North states, “it’s the best time of year to be a foreign visitor in the country.

  • It is a holiday so many stores and restaurants will be closed, especially in the countryside. However, in larger cities like Gothenburg there will always be some open places.
  • There are usually many different public gatherings. The best is to leave the city, but you will also have options in the middle of the city if you so prefer.
    • If you have the time, travel upwards on the coast to smaller villages. People all over Sweden will come to the west coast to celebrate Midsummer.
    • Route North gives suggestions for Gothenburg, both in the city and the coast but please explore other links as well.
    • Remember to bring a blanket to sit on (the celebration is outdoors around a May pole), as well as suitable clothes because it may rain.

If you, in your registration, check the option to receive more information about Midsummer, it will be provided to you closer to the conference date.